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Landa registration and title services

Landa Registration and Titles Services is a new company dedicated to helping dealers, banks and ordinary citizens with DMV related services, saving them time and hassle. These services include:

Overload Permit:

The permittee and the operator of any vehicle  on or any other permit shall be responsible not to exceed the maximum legal weight of the vehicle.

Trip permit:

Trip permits are vehicle-specific and are valid for ten days.

Abandoned titles:

An abandoned motor vehicle  that:

is left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours, in violation of a state law or local ordinance,
has remained more than 48 hours on private property without the consent of the property owner, regardless of whether it was brought onto the private property with the consent of the owner or person in control of the private property, or is left unattended on the shoulder of a primary highway.

Mechanic lien:

To provide a business that tows, recovers, repairs, and/or stores a vehicle away to recover the cost of repair or storage when the vehicle owner does not pay, or refuses to pay, for the service. This process allows the towing, recovery, repair or storage business to sell the vehicle, if the debt is not paid within 10 days after it is due.

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